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I haven’t blogged here for a while, which leaves me with a problem. Do I blog my personal photos here or over on my photography blog. Can I keep up with both blogs or do I do it all from the one. Do I keep my personal stuff still here or post it on the other blog…. 

I had a great start to the day today! Woke up early with a brilliant idea for a wedding album, and found a good friend online so we chatted. As it happens she is a bride to be so I asked her some questions. We were both up at 3:30am!!! and we chatted till around 6:30 am , yes that early we laughed, chatted and discussed her wedding to my longest friend every Andy!

She made me cry, in a good way that is and made me snort with laughter and joy! Thank you Emma! But the most important thing she made me feel great about me, about life and about everything in general. A great pick me up from a 3 hours chat on facebook! 

She was going for a run, she is training for a Triathlon in September, and I decided that since I’m already awake might as well go for a walk. 

While walking I realized that its been almost 12 months since I did my last everyday walk. Where I was taking photos on my walks just for the hell of it!  If you know me you would have heard me say that I always have a camera in my hand and looking back through this blog you will see that, which also makes me realise that I’ve had this blog now for over 12 months. WOW how the time flys. 

So here are some photos from my walk today…

on my way back I found this leaf, it just jumped at me. It wasn’t under the tree that it came from and its bright read. I had to take a photo of it and pick it up.  Made me think of our chat this morning with Emma, everything happens for a reason. I was meant to find this leaf and pick it up. 


Ok I know this is going to sound weird, but the stop sigh also jumped out at me, it was so much more brighter than I thought it should be, as well as the red bottle brush that grows just above my letter box. Just had to take a photo of it. Everything happens in 3’s so here are my three red things for the day. 

I’m excited to see what else the day has in store for me!

I missed out on doing a photo a day in January. So I decided to do my own photo a day of Alex in February. Lara will get her own photo a day in March.

So here are Alex’s first 5 days.

Alex Feb 01, 2009

More to come!

I wont run through all the things I have updated on the list. You can check it out yourself here LINK

Everything in bold is the new update. Once I go and update again the things in bold will go back to normal style… does that make sense???

Angie 🙂

Oh last satrudays wedding has also been posted on

Catch up is what I seem to be doing all the time now… I have been busy with lots of things going on last month.

We started off with Emma’s Wedding which was wonderful! They went away to Queensland for a week and a bit, she found out that she is expecting again, Congratulations Emma and Lance.

Have been booking weddings right left and centre which is great. (note to self: need to update 101 page) ACN Packaging has been very quite, too quite for my liking. I hope Feb does pick up…

Lara turned 8 in January! Where has the time gone… my baby is growing up! We had a bit of a party for her and everyone had great fun!

We have another new member of the family. James 2. He is Lara’s birthday present, last James was her bunny too but he died and she has been crying for him every since.  So when I found this sweet little boy I knew that I just had to get him for her.

I had a birthday in January too! Didn’t do much went out for lunch with Paul and the kids, and the next day which was my names day had lunch with Mum and Dad.

Australia Day was lots of fun. We finally went in the Camden Australia Day Parade, as Paul got his FC Holden fixed up! The kids bailed on us and went in Loftys big RED truck instead. Photos below were taken by my dad!

Me taking photo of dad taking photo of me

dad taking photo of me taking photo of him…. get it, got it… good!

Alex and Lara in the Big Red Truck! they loved it and blew the horn all the way down the street!

After the parade we went to Thirmere Lakes for a quite picnic with mum and dad!

Jennifer and I have decided that we are going to try to lose 15kg together, we are going to keep a blog of our progress and keep a daily food diary there. Which will make us more accountable to each other. It can be done, we just both need a bit of a push. if you want to check it out. Anyone out there want to join us, just send me an email! The more the merrier.

Alex and Lara started school on the 28th of January. Alex has the same teacher that he had last year, which is great. She knows him well and he should have a great year.

Lara is in year 3 already!!! She has a male teacher who might be Polish or Polish decent by the sound of his surname.  Mr Kowalick.

I haven’t done any of my course this past month… which I feel a bit slack about, I also haven’t scrapbooked this year yet! Need to fix that up too.

I missed out on doing a photo a day in January but I’m thinking of doing one in February. I know its a short month but I want to give it ago! then maybe I will do another month down the track. Just thinking of a subject… might do Alex this month and Lara next month…

I worked yesterday (the 31st) I had a last minute wedding booking. The sweetest couple, check out later today for a sneak peek at their Wedding Day.

So this is about it for January… I don’t think I missed anything…

I very happy to report that I have done this one!!! Yesterday was Emma’s wedding! Photos will be posted soon on Angie King Photography. We stayed the night at Panorama House and got up at 5am to get readdy for her 8am wedding! I photographed the sunrise over the ocean. And it was magical!

As I also had a wedding to photography in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to also photography the sunset! Again it was a wonderful sunset. And I’m very happy that I captured both, I can include it in the photographys I give both Brides as “Their Sunrise / Sunset”

Sunries 10th of January 2009

Sunset 10th of January 2009

I have made a start. So far I have lost 2kg.